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Cream of Lardo di Colonnata

Pot containing 100 grams/3,53oz cream of Lardo di Colonnata PGI

As white as the marble in which it is aged, it is fragrant with spices, delicate and sweet on the palate. It was once prepared by beating lard in a mortar made of white marble from the Canaloni quarries of Colonnata and used as a basic condiment. Now it is added to the sautéed vegetables that compose the basis of minestrone, pasta and beans, tomato sauce, seafood pasta and risottos, but is also spread over king prawns, scampi, swordfish, sea bass, toasted bread and polenta and is used for cooking fried and roast potatoes.

Ingredients: Colonnata Lard PGI, salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, mixture of spices and aromatic herbs.

Weight 0.45 kg

ALLERGENI. Il prodotto non contiene allergeni, additivi, conservanti, coloranti, glutine, lattosio, ionizzanti e nanomateriali. OGM e PESTICIDI. Il prodotto non contiene organismi geneticamente modificati. Non contiene e non è stato ottenuto mediante l’utilizzo di prodotti chimici. INFORMAZIONI CONSERVAZIONE Conservare in luogo fresco e lontano dai raggi solari. Dopo l’apertura conservare in frigo tra 0°C e +4°C. SCADENZA: 12 Mesi.

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