Crostini With A Sweet Tooth

Slice the bread and toast well in the oven, remove it from the oven then, to proceed so:


Crostino1: place on the bread, warm a slice of tomato, seasoned with olive oil and salt, then lay two thin slices of bacon, sprinkle over a little oregano.


Toasted bread 2: spread on the bread, warm the lard cream in various flavors (if you use the cream lard Mafalda natural sprinkle over a little oregano)


Crouton 3: place the bread warm with a slice of bacon, then a fillet of anchovies (if acceptable 3 capers)


Crouton 4: spread on bread warm with a little honey, then put a slice of lard, if season, rather than the honey, place on bread, ¼ of a fig tree.


Are ready to enjoy! (Do not put back in the oven)

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One thing is certain, once tasted, even the most skeptical person adds Lardo di Colonnata to their list of favorite foods.