Recipes from our foodfollowers: Baciocca cake with Lardo di Colonnata IGP Mafalda by Manuela Meccarello

"It is a Ligurian savory pie a bit revisited by me, very very greedy .. It has a pastry base and a filling of potatoes, onions and lard .. Cut into squares and also served warm, it is excellent for an aperitif ... For the realization of my Baciocca cake I used the lard of Colonnata IGP Mafalda

The unique flavor of the lard has made it unique as well as adding it inside, I also put slices on top of each square of cake and with the heat, the lard has practically melted in the mouth .... A masterpiece .. "

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One thing is certain, once tasted, even the most skeptical person adds Lardo di Colonnata to their list of favorite foods.