Grandma Anna's sweet sauce - Tropea onions


Only onions selected at the right point of ripeness and from the Tropea area. The pleasantness of the Tropea Red Onion on the palate is due to genetic, climatic and pedological factors; it is the interaction of these three elements that determine such excellent organoleptic characteristics.
A particularly versatile product that lends itself to indulging creativity in the kitchen, enhancing the notes of some dishes and transforming them into authentic delicacies.

The freshness of the product is guaranteed by the craftsmanship. Without preservatives, without dyes.

Both on fresh or aged cheeses and on a crouton with our Lardo di Colonnata IGP, on cured meats, boiled meats or delicious stuffed sandwiches.

Tropea onions 60%, Sugar 28.1%, Apples with peel 8.7%, Raisins 3.8%, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 2.8%, Lemon (Juice) 0.4%.

Produced in a laboratory where strawberries, celery, mustard and nuts are occasionally processed.

Certified product

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