Recipes from our foodfollowers: Bucatini all'amatriciana by: cucinare_convale

320 g of bucatini
• 120 g of Mafalda seasoned Colonnata bacon in thick slices
• About 50 g of grated pecorino (delicate and not too salty)
• 1 tomato sauce
• salt
• pepper


In a pan add the bacon cut into strips about a couple of centimeters long. Brown the bacon until it has browned.
Drain some of the iguanciale and keep it warm to garnish.
In the same pan with the remaining bacon put the tomato sauce, season with salt and cook for the cooking time of the pasta, which in the meantime you have thrown into a saucepan with boiling salted water.
When it is almost cooked, add the bacon to the sauce. Drain the pasta al dente and transfer it to the pan with the sauce. Off the heat, add the grated pecorino and season with fresh pepper. Mix well and serve immediately, completing with more pecorino and garnish with the bacon set aside.

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One thing is certain, once tasted, even the most skeptical person adds Lardo di Colonnata to their list of favorite foods.