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Article: 4 curiosity (maybe) didn't know about the Lard of Colonnata

4 curiosità che (forse) non sapevi sul Lardo di Colonnata -

4 curiosity (maybe) didn't know about the Lard of Colonnata

1 – No plastic, only marble basins for the seasoning, The European Community wanted to impose the use of tanks of aluminium in place of the marble basins for hygienic reasons. Fortunately, universities have failed to demonstrate that the marble basins are much more sterile of the aluminum, thanks to the micro-environment hostile to the bacteria created by the brine. Mature in its walls live, breathe, or use containers, aggregates, steel, or worse, plastic is definitely not the same thing. Then not all marble is the same: you need to use the right one, i.e. that of the fine-grained in the basin of the Valleys of the Colonnata. The tradition is to save!

2 – Gasoline for the muscles of the quarrymen, What we consider today an excellence of our gastronomy was once seen as a poor food of the workers, given the non-nobility of the cut and the high calorie content. The production, consumption, and the culture of lard in Colonnata have always been connected to the work and, in particular, to the lives of the quarrymen who, since the time of the romans, they used lard in their diets, accompanied perhaps by bread, onion and a nice flask of wine. With its significant caloric intake, could ensure to the workers the energy they need to stand up to the hardships of the job. A curious story tells that it was just a quarryman, by placing pieces of pork, herbs, and salt in a basin of marble, to discover by chance this delicacy.

3 – A 100% natural product, The Lard of Colonnata is a 100% natural product: does not contain, in fact, allergens, additives, preservatives, dyes, gluten, lactose, ionising radiation and nano materials. In the months where it remains to mature the bacon loses moisture due to the effect of the salt and creates a brine lethal to the bacteria: this is the secret of transformation of the fat in Lard of Colonnata.

4 – Even Michelangelo Buonarroti, he was greedy it Is said that Michelangelo was a great admirer, and who, in the course of journeys to Carrara, when personally chose the marble blocks to create his masterpieces, it was a huge feast and brought home a supply. On the other hand, was quite aware of his predilection for the simple and genuine cuisine and, as the quarrymen, he loved to taste it on a simple slice of bread and tomato.

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