ATTENTION!!! For those who don't know it, it is particularly tasty, sometimes if with very lean (meat) it can absorb more salt SO BE SALTY, CONSEQUENTIALLY  IT IS SUITABLE FOR PALATES WHO LOVE VERY STRONG FLAVOURS.  

The vergazzata is a spread bacon that is seasoned in marble basins. It has a rectangular shape, rind on the lower surface, a fairly soft consistency. The flavor and smell are very intense due to the presence of herbs and spices on the surface. Covered with salt and a mixture of spices and aromatic herbs.

It was much loved by marble quarrymen especially for aperitifs after work, its accentuated salinity due to the presence of the "stripes" of meat, which take on a lot of flavor during the seasoning, invited you to consume further glasses of wine in company 

The bacon, trimmed and cleaned of the soft parts, is rubbed with salt and placed in marble tubs rubbed with garlic; the layers of meat are alternated with natural sea salt and a mixture of spices and aromatic herbs. Our painted remains in the marble tub, closed with a marble slab, for 2 MONTHS.

Weight: about 300 gr or 500 gr.
Deadline: 6 months.


Nutrition declaration (average values)


2.105 KJ/100g

510 Kcal/100g


50,30 g/100g

of which saturated fatty acids

18,40 g/100g


0,13 g/100g

of which sugars

0,08 g/100g


14,24 g/100g


11,63 g/100g


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